Squashing The Laquon Treadwell And Ole Miss Money Speculation

Yesterday, Ole Miss commit and five-star champion best of the best wide receiver Laquon Treadwell posted a picture on Instagram of what was allegedly his hand and some cash.  Ignoring what was certainly a violation of the Instagram terms of use, which only allows for pictures of food or decaying buildings, the people of the […]

Merry Christmas 2012 From Your Coach

Maintaining relationships with alumni is important, particularly with those who give generously to help the football machine keep on running (how soon can Dickie Scruggs start cutting checks to Ole Miss now that he’s out of the clink?).  That’s why on birthdays and holidays, athletic departments like sending a personal touch to those in the […]

Arkansas Head Coach Bert Bielema

When nothing is going on, things like yesterday and today happen.  But what a quality use of 30 minutes on consecutive days to expertly* photoshop a jelly of the month club and Bret Bielema. I can’t wait for SEC Media Days when a credentialed (note:  does not imply intelligence or someone who has never posted […]

Ed Orgeron’s Jelly of the Month Club

Why this isn’t a real thing can only be explained by the fact that Ed Orgeron’s agent is a sleep at the wheel.  The number of people who would pay $50 a year or trade inside information on a 4-star defensive line prospect with a quick twitch for 12 jars of alligator jelly (the only […]

A Better Shirt For Jimmy Clausen’s Twitter Account

Jimmy Clausen, former Notre Dame quarterback and co-MVP of the 2008 Hawaii Bowl , took to Twitter earlier to express his appreciation for a t-shirt that was sure to draw rage and well-crafted replies by Alabama fans with the ability to access the internet AND Twitter (more difficult than you think) in his direction.  As […]

Third Annual Bowl Preview Spectacular Extravaganza Gala

There are 35 bowl games and it's important (note: not important at all) to go through all of them, lest you not know the benefits of watching the Beef 'O' Brady's Bowl, other than reminding yourself to never eat a meal at Beef 'O' Brady's.  Remember, while some of these might be vigorously unwatchable, your […]

A Vigil: Day 5

Day Five after being let go by Auburn and still no gainful employment.  WHAT IS THE HOLD UP HERE, PEOPLE WITH HIRING POWERS?

Join The Vigil

Yesterday, new Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn informed the assistants from Gene Chizik's staff that they would not be retained.  However, he did let them know that if his new offensive and defensive coordinators were interested in them, they could be hired back. This leaves the world in a dark place right now, as towel-waver, […]

Kristi Malzahn Gets Her Own Show

Now that Gus Malzahn has returned from the remote outpost of Jonesboro, Arkansas and taken over at Auburn, his time in the public eye will jump up a few dozen notches.  This also means his wife, Kristi, will get the chance to say more wonderfully crazy things on TV and radio. So, any television producer […]

Review: Bret Bielema/Gus Malzahn

Arkansas and Auburn joined Kentucky today at the new head coach festival, held annually at Pittsburgh (Arkansas State has put in a bid to host as well).  Bret Bielema of Wisconsin and "we don't want to be like the SEC — in any way, shape, or form" fame agreed to take over at Arkansas and […]

4th/5th (?) Annual Bowl Pick ‘Em Challenge Contest War Of Attrition

Once again, it’s your chance to prove that you can be one of life’s winners through the art of assigning the right number of points to teams that win bowl games.  Odds are you will fail and join the large group of people who are either very bad at doing this (LIKE ME) or not […]

Legally Required* Comments On The SEC Championship Game

Why not have a little more gas-bagging on the SEC Championship game?  After watching all season, it’s like I can’t not say anything.  MY OPINIONS REEK OF IMPORTANCE. First, and most importantly, as it’s always important to start with the most important thing first (PRO TIP), despite not having an interest in who won, it […]

SEC Championship Game Reminder

In this season of good times and cheer for Ole Miss fans, and it should be a season of such, we should pause to remember the history of the SEC Championship game and those who have made the trip to Atlanta (or way back in the day, Birmingham).  So, the next time an argument erupts […]

Houston Nutt Leading Things

Because Arkansas, Auburn, and Tennessee have not done something insane, or scratch that, no insane rumors related to their coaches searches have popped up in the last 12 hours, I have become very bored.  When I become bored, I do things that are very, very stupid. And that’s how I fell into the black hole […]

Auburn’s Short List

While Arkansas and Tennessee are dominating the coaching search headlines with reports that take absurd, fill it with horse steroids, and then freebase HGH to give us tales of $27.5 million and part ownership of the Cleveland Browns, Auburn remains mostly silent.  The only bit of news to come out of All In territory is […]