Trooper Taylor Customized Towels For 2014

In case you forgot, and if so, HOW DARE YOU, Trooper Taylor is back in the coaching game as a cornerbacks coach at Arkansas State.  And if he’s back in coaching, that means he needs towels with motivational messages like he needs to arrange meetings with bag men. He has just over four months to […]


What Happens When Snack Discipline Breaks Down

Now that meals and snacks are an endless casino buffet for college athletes, including you, walk-ons, since apparently you didn’t count before, it will be important for players to maintain snack discipline, lest their body type begin to resemble their head coach’s.  Of course, I say that as someone who, when thinking of snacks, thinks […]


College Football Bowl Games To Come

The number of bowl games in college football now sits at 40, but in the words of Steve Spurrier, let’s go for half a hundred.  The American Athletic and Sun Belt conferences helped college football enter the 40-bowl game tier with their agreement to play a bowl game in Orlando in 2015, bringing Spurrier’s desired […]


Update From Texas’ Spring Football Practice

On Saturday morning, I had to drive on I-35 to get to my destination in South Austin.  Well, I suppose I didn’t have to use I-35, but I figured that traffic hell on that stretch of the asphalt of suffering wouldn’t start until closer to noon, which meant I’d sail into the part of the […]


Gene Chizik Disapproves Of Things Other Than Prom Dates

As you may have seen by now, Gene Chizik spent part of his weekend either silently disapproving of his daughter’s prom date, or being the kind of awesome dad who appropriately embarrasses his children. I’m siding with appropriate embarrassment because that seems like the kind of thing a dad with plenty of free time would […]


The Only Reason For Ole Miss And Vanderbilt Playing At LP Field

Earlier today, it was announced that the Ole Miss/Vanderbilt game on September 6 will be played at LP Field, site of where the Tennessee Volunteers almost won the Music City Bowl in 2010.  According to the official announcement, Vanderbilt athletic director Dave Williams referred to the decision to move the game off campus as “the […]


Important: Golden Flake Offers Tours

This is equal parts important and stupid, but Golden Flake, the unofficial official chip of the SEC, offers tours of its plants in Birmingham and Ocala, Florida.  So if you’re in the Birmingham area, say this summer to collect autographs of coaches in the Wynfrey Hotel lobby, you can swing by, Monday through Thursday at […]


Nick Saban Appears To Have Something Pretty Close To Fun With April Fool’s Day

Fresh off a stimulating discussion of what the word “appears” means with an Alabama reporter, Nick Saban decided to lighten the mood today with a flicker of non-scripted social interaction.  For Saban, it was a way to call everyone in the room an idiot without actually calling them an idiot.  For everyone else, it was […]


Things That Will Occur Before Baseball Season Ends

Baseball season started today even though it also started last week when games were played in Australia.  I suppose it also started last night, but whatever, apparently today is labeled the official Opening Day of baseball. The good news is that if you missed the starting games in Australia, last night, and today, you have […]


BERT Unveils His Pro Day Gear

If you’re like me and addicted to Twitter and demand tweets with content ASAP, you followed Johnny Manziel’s heavily attended pro day workout this morning at Texas A&M through the tweets of those who were able to watch.  By most accounts, Manziel did things that indicate he has the skills to play in the NFL, […]


Greg McElroy Transitions Into The SEC Network

Greg McElroy, former Alabama quarterback and on-scene witness to the Mark Sanchez butt-fumble, will join the yet-to-be-picked-up-by-DirecTV SEC Network as an analyst when the network begins airing content in August of this year.  Over the last three years, McElroy has been in the NFL, mostly as an employee of the New York Jets where he […]