LSU Campus Apparently In Need Of Statues Of LSU Greats

Walk around LSU’s campus in steamy and traffic hellscape Baton Rouge, and you’ll notice things that are familiar to most college campuses.  Students allegedly going to and from class, stately buildings where important people count down the days until they qualify for state retirement benefits, and landscaped lawns and flower beds that you could have too if you knew anything about landscaping or were willing to pay top dollar.

What you won’t see is statues of people who achieved significance in the field of athletics while playing or coaching for LSU.  In case you didn’t know, and you most certainly did not, LSU’s campus does not have the saturation level of statues honoring athletic greats like an Alabama or Auburn does.

In fact, the only statues on LSU’s campus honoring athletics are of Shaquille O’Neal and former women’s basketball coach Sue Gunter, whose statue is actually inside of a building.  This seems odd given that LSU has plenty of candidates and are members of the SEC, where building statues for athletic achievement is WHAT IT’S ALL FOR, PAAAAWWWWLLLL.

To fix this problem, which it is not, the only solution is to get LSU’s Hall of Fame committee to [boring details go here].  Or one could simply take matter into his or her own hands and start placing Les Miles statues all over campus.

Let’s see someone have the intestinal fortitude that wells deep with our souls and senses of selves that only can be reached if pushed and excelled to a place that you cannot touch with mortal hearts and eyes to take these down.