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Arts And Crafts Time With LSU Pain And Suffering

It’s late July and hot, which leads the mind to wander. Some wanderings go to good and happy places, others go to wailing and gnashing of teeth places, and then there are those that find the sweet spot of the time Ole Miss, with most of its starting defense out of the game, beat sixth-ranked LSU.

To preserve the joy that Ole Miss fans experienced and the life-sucked-out-of-them feeling LSU fans were dunked into, we turn not to an elaborate portrait or a Daniel Moore-ish rendering of an Alabama or Auburn win that can be found in 90% of structures in the state of Alabama, but a simple arts and crafts project that most of us attempted in elementary school. No, not popsicle sticks, though Popsicle Sticks Hugh Freeze and Les Miles would be wonderful, but the mobile.

More specifically, the Sad LSU Fan Mobile*:


Now you can remember all of the pain and suffering Ole Miss inflicted on the LSU fans who chose to attend that game in Oxford. And the best part, because the mobile is, well, mobile, you can watch TV with it as it hangs in your living room, and then move it to your bedroom ceiling where you can watch it slowly turn back and forth as you slip into sweet, sweet unconsciousness.

*$19.99 while supplies last. Supplies are currently at zero because it seems like a lot of work.