Sports Illustrated Covers Not Chosen Over AJ McCarron’s Cover

Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron graces the cover of Sports Illustrated this week, as the debate rages on where he ranks among college football quarterbacks of today and historically.  It’s an interesting choice of covers because so much happened in college football last weekend, and this cover choice would have been better suited for Iron Bowl week, where it would upset Nick Saban much more than this week.

But I don’t pull the levers and such at Sports Illustrated and this was their choice they believed would sell more magazines.  Of course, if they’re really interested in constantly increasing sales, they should just put anyone having something to do with Alabama on the cover every week.

However, McCarron’s cover wasn’t the only cover option.  His cover beat four other fine options, which unfortunately met their ends in the editorial process.

The good news is they are here for your viewing pleasure.  And without a doubt, these are totally legitimate so don’t even think otherwise.

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