So Then Houston Says To Jerry, “How ‘Bout Them Cowboys!”

It’s a big day today.  MLK Day, the Presidential Inauguration, Joe Biden around an all-day and night party, and HARBAUGH BROTHERS SUPER BOWL, which will very soon, if it hasn’t already, be formed into a club and slammed against your head like Tony Dungy versus Lovie Smith and Jerome Bettis being from Detroit for the next two weeks.  But, lost in the shuffle is some news from last week that Houston Nutt of back-to-back Cotton Bowls first time in 50 years fame interviewed with the Dallas Cowboys for an offensive staff position (whichever one has the least amount of responsibility).

The Cowboys have yet to make a decision on Nutt or someone far more capable, but the idea of Nutt being anywhere near Jerry Jones, or coaching really, sends the imagination to wild places.  So, I fired up the Google image search to help create a Nutt/Jones interaction that might inspire mild to moderate giggling from myself.  Here’s what I came up with:

Not too bad.  They’re at what looks to be an event at a local car dealership.  Houston is just there, not really doing anything, and most importantly, he’s grinning like an idiot at something Double J has said.  Perhaps him oogling the cheearleaders would have been a little better, but we can pretend he’s sneaking a few peaks here and there.

But, in my image search, I ran across an image far superior and totally real.  This actually happened and was documented by America’s greatest photographer, who is basically anyone who catches Houston Nutt in the act of doing Houston Nutt things.


Just look at it.  Good ol’ boy laughter at a good ol’ boy joke and a you-know-what-I’m-talkin’-about arm squeeze.  WHAT A MOMENT CAPTURED IN TIME.  Truth most certainly is infinitely better than fiction.

The world needs more of this, Jerry Jones, so make that hire.  And it would be nice if Ole Miss was able to stop writing such large checks to Houston Nutt.