Nick Saban Takes To The Preschool Lecture Circuit

In Warren St. John’s GQ profile of Nick Saban, which is now part of the Alabama Board of Education curriculum for all high schools, we found out a few things about Saban that we previously didn’t know.  First, and probably the most perfect statement Saban has ever made, is that after Alabama beat LSU to win the national championship in 2012, Saban said to a friend, “That damn game cost me a week of recruiting.”

Second, and most unbelievable, Saban once remained on a golf tee at a charity golf tournament for four hours (chewing Red Man) in order to play with each foursome in the tournament for one hole.  It’s not the golf tournament or Red Man that’s unbelievable, it’s that he essentially idled in one spot for four hours with non-football people or family.

And finally, third, Saban did not enjoy St. John’s story about how his four-year old daughter once asked him, while listening to the Rolling Stones, why “the man in these songs can’t sing.”  Saban, a Rolling Stones fan, immediately said in response, “Mick Jagger can sing.  Mick Jagger is a great entertainer.”

Since that moment, Saban has had to live in a world where at least one person, even though it was a child, did not appreciate the skills of Mick Jagger.  To correct that line of thinking, which isn’t a part of The Process, Saban took it upon himself to set the record straight among the youths of America.

He spent part of his summer traveling around the country to give preschools, elementary schools, Boys and Girls clubs, and anyone who would have him, a lecture on the greatness of Mick Jagger.


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Whether he swayed anyone sitting on the fence about Mick Jagger or someone in the anti-Jagger camp is unknown at this time.  We’ll have to get more parents to tell stories about their child’s musical preferences in order to know more.

That, of course, will be awful because listening to any parent tell a story in which their kid says nothing funny or draws on his sister’s face with a magic marker is the absolute worst, and should require the offending parent to be placed in social jail for a few hours.  All we need to know is if your kid said something sassy about Mick Jagger.

Until then, good luck to Saban and his quest to properly break down for children, in frame-by-frame fashion, just why Mick Jagger can sing and is a great entertainer.