Mississippi State To Wear Yet Another Egg Bowl Uniform

Mississippi State announced that it will once again wear a uniform specially designed by Adidas for this year’s Egg Bowl against Ole Miss.  This is the third consecutive year the Bulldogs will wear a variation of the “Hail State” design for the Egg Bowl, with the 2011 version here, and the 2012 version here.

Unfortunately, it appears this is the only alternate uniform State will wear this season, as they are out of games in Shreveport to commemorate (Ole Miss will be glad to loan you one of theirs from the early 2000s).  And observing Dan Mullen’s first SEC West win over a team not named Ole Miss four years into his tenure (versus Auburn last year) didn’t gain much traction during the idea-pitching session with Adidas.

That may be due to wanting to keep that on the quiet side, but mostly because still celebrating a win over last year’s Auburn team is like prominently displaying the collection of glow-in-the-dark jungle animal stickers you got from all the tickets you won playing the Jr. Hoops game at Chuck E. Cheese’s.

Anyway, this year’s Egg Bowl uniform features a few more design bells and whistles than the previous two, and can be seen in this video:

A startling amount of 8-bit Nintendo music used for a uniform release video.  In fact, minus the bass, it sounded a little something like this:

So, to match the music, let’s add a few more visual bells and whistles to that video.  I mean, you can’t just allude to Tetris, you gotta go full Tetris.