Liberty Bowl Issues New Tickets To Mississippi State Fans

For some Mississippi State fans who decided to play a game of freezing weather chicken and attend the Liberty Bowl game against Rice, their tickets won’t be what they would consider Bulldog friendly.  Last week, it was revealed that the Liberty Bowl tickets would feature former Liberty Bowl greats.

One of those players featured on some tickets is former Ole Miss quarterback Archie Manning, seen here displaying his Liberty Bowl likeness:


Other greats include Bear Bryant, Doug Flutie, and Bo Jackson, as seen above.

The arrival of a young Archie Manning in the mailboxes of some Mississippi State fans has caused complaints and the launching of new conspiracy theories.  Because how dare the Liberty Bowl honor its history by shoving Archie Manning and Ole Miss in the faces of those who know this is the work of Robert Khayat and you better believe the NCAA is weeks away from bringing Ole Miss to the ground I’ve seen the PLOI and it’s gonna be devastating finally got those cheaters and AMEN.

To make up for offending these Mississippi State fans, the Liberty Bowl is in the process of issuing new tickets that do not feature Archie Manning or Ole Miss or anything that screams, “WE’RE TOTALLY STICKING IT TO YOU HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.”  Instead, these new tickets will celebrate Mississippi State’s last trip to the Liberty Bowl in 2007.

There, the Bulldog faithful watched Sylvester Croom lead their team to a THRILLING 10-3 win over Central Florida, in a game that featured neither team cracking 220 yards of total offense (UCF 219, Mississippi State 199) and a combined 127 yards of passing on 18 of 44 attempts.

What a day it was for Mississippi State football.  And to honor that day, here are the Liberty Bowl tickets featuring former greats of Mississippi State’s 2007 Liberty Bowl.