For The Alabama Fan In Your Life

Much like Walmarts and those selling items from a tent on the side of a state highway in 95-degree weather, here’s an attempt to squeeze a few dollars out of the non-licensed Alabama memorabilia industry.  Mind you, this is an industry that has more market value than the GDP of 92%* of the world’s countries.

So there’s room and opportunity for one more item, especially one that keeps giving throughout the year.  Yes, friends, that’s right, an Alabama gift that never loses its value.

For a small, yet-to-be-determined fee, you can own or pass on a Nick Saban write-in wall calendar that allows you to place a picture of you next to the coach each month so you can show your friends just how big of buddies you and Saban are.  AND if that wasn’t enough, though it clearly should be, each month you’ll get a new inspirational quote from Saban, which should provide you with the motivation to strangle the life out of each month on your way to your best month yet.

*Possibly a made-up statistic.  But it could be true.

Just think, this could be in your home, office, a friend’s home, or by the cash register of THOUSANDS of local businesses throughout Alabama.