D.J. Fluker’s Twitter Hacked By The Second Gunman On The Grassy Knoll

Late last night, former Alabama offensive lineman and future NFL draft pick D.J. Fluker took to the Twitter to let the people know about his relationship with agents and money in college.

Predictably, the tweet was deleted shortly after appearing, and this morning his agent, Deryk Gilmore (MINUS POINTS FOR THAT Y) let everyone know Fluker's account was hacked, going as far to say, "We know who did this."  According to Gilmore (why not GYLMORE?), he's waiting on proof of the hacking and has been on the phone with Twitter, presumably to get to the bottom of everything.

While I supposed we should believe Fluker's account was hacked until proven otherwise (WRONG, THIS IS AMERICA), we can speculate on how the conversation between DerYk GYlmore and Fluker went last night when the infamous agent/money tweet showed up for public viewing.