Chris Jones’ NCAA Interview Sets Off State Of Mississippi Rock Fight

Chris Jones, currently a true freshman defensive end at Mississippi State, was recently interviewed by the NCAA about matters related to his recruitment by Ole Miss.  If you recall (and who doesn’t enjoy tales of old recruiting wars!), Jones was a five-star recruit, who was committed (maybe?) to Mississippi State, but seriously considered signing with Ole Miss before deciding to sign with State (for more details on this great tale, consult your local message board hero).

News of Jones’ NCAA interview immediately caused Internet uproar, which is the best kind of uproar, and claims of THEY FINALLY GOT FREJEZUS AND OLE PI$$ FOR CHEATIN’ TOLD YOU ABOUT THIS LAST MAY MY SOURCE NEVER LIES.  Of course, no one knows specifically what Jones was even asked, but according to everyone SOMEONE was cheating.


If you ask Ole Miss fans about Jones going to State, you get a question of why is he being interviewed about a school he did not attend.  If he went to State over Ole Miss, it’s pretty obvious he preferred their incentives over being a part of one of college football’s top recruiting classes.  Mississippi State is the school that should be under questioning, after all, aren’t they the school that just got in trouble for a booster arranging a car discount for a recruit?

If you ask Mississippi State fans about Jones going to State, they’ll tell you he’s a kid with great integrity, who chose a place he’s loved all his life and doesn’t need free handouts like:

A new car


A new bedroom suite


A trip to the big city

No sir, Chris Jones is a kid who likes to work for things.  He wants to earn it, not always have his hand out like the rest of that recruiting class.

If you ask Houston Nutt about Jones going to State, you get

“Hey there, big fella!  I can do it all!  Coach your team, call the plays, coach receivers, birthdays, kids’ festivals, carnivals of all types, maybe even a little back-up singing if you’re in a pinch.  You know where to find me!”

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