A Few Suggestions Should Mississippi State Want To Join The Photoshop Fun

By now, you’ve probably seen the 100% for real Photoshop work of several of Florida’s assistants that they tweeted to either inspire, motivate, or pass the time while Will Muschamp was out drowning birds in a campus fountain.  Whatever their reasons, the results were spectacular, and I loved them all, but this especially craptastic one was my favorite:

A medley of pictures smushed together, drop shadow on the text, OH I LOVE IT SO MUCH.  But there’s no reason Florida should have all the fun.  Other schools need to get in gear and get into the fantastically bad Photoshop game.

To help get this movement started, I’ve thrown together a pieces of excellence that Mississippi State assistants are free to tweet whenever they feel the motivational spirit running through their bodies.  And this isn’t meant to pick on Mississippi State (HAHAHA TOTALLY MEANT TO PICK ON THEM), as there is ample material for every school, but some of their recent work kept rattling around in my brain and I could do nothing else until I addressed that rattling.