6 days until the Vanderbilt freshman class comes charging out of the tunnel and onto the field before the game in a tradition they started a few years back.  It will mark the only time in their four years at Vanderbilt that they will be at a football game before kickoff.

6 is also the number of eyes Will Muschamp would like to have when he engages the Death Stare Drive in his body.  Also, the two extra sets of eyes would be useful in confirming what his first pair of eyes sees, that yes, the offense is really that miserable to watch.



The number of passes attempted by Matt Roark, a wide receiver, in Kentucky’s 10-7 win over Tennessee last season.  He completed 4 of them for 15 yards, and had a very Chris Todd-like 2.5 yards per attempt.  Now let us all bathe in the warm memory of Tennessee losing to a team it had beaten 26 straight times, with said team playing a wide receiver at quarterback for the entire game.