Movember in the SEC

The season of Movember, which has all of a sudden become YET ANOTHER THING, is upon us, meaning men across the country will use the month of November to grow mustaches to help raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancer.  I vaguely remember it getting some traction last year, but this year, word has gotten out and the pressure to grow a mustache has gone up exponentially.  WHAT, DO YOU LOVE PROSTATE CANCER OR SOMETHING?

Anyway, SEC coaches are no stranger to pressure in general, as you can usually find it hanging from their necks and on their backs, but what would it look like if they gave in to the pressure of Movember?  I took this question into the Belly of the Beast laboratories (that's right, MULTIPLE labs) and tried to find an answer. 

I originally planned to add a Sam Elliott mustache to the formula, but stopped because no man, other than Sam Elliott, can grow such a powerful mustache.  His mustache would have made the results look silly and cartoonish.  So, I dialed it down and settled on the Tom Skerritt Top Gun mustache.

It proved to be the perfect mix of mustache excellence and probable achievement.  BEHOLD, the coaches of the SEC participating in Movember:

Even the Nick Saban statue joined the cause.

Picking my favorite is like asking someone to chose their favorite child, which I'm totally prepared to do.  Mark Richt and Dan Mullen, I will always love you more than the rest.