Illustrations Of The Bo Wallace Fight

Unless you’ve done your personal health a favor and ignored all things Ole Miss for an extended period of time, or are one of the lucky ones who don’t have to keep up with Ole Miss (in either case, GOOD FOR YOU), you probably heard and read about Ole Miss quarterback Bo Wallace being involved in some fisticuffs recently at a Pike pool party.  And, thanks to sites unlike this one, meaning they stay on top of things, we have a picture from said fisticuffs incident:


And if the video for this throwdown was still available on YouTube (YOU SUCK, TERMS OF SERVICE AGREEMENT), you could see that Wallace didn’t go down with the punch, but took it standing and eventually was tangled in a pile of humanity with rando bros running up and throwing punches into the pile.  It was much like a good student section fight at a football game, minus those giant plastic mugs being used as weapons.

As I mentioned, sadly, the video no longer exists.  However, thanks to my superior artistic ability and things I remember from the video, I have put together some illustrations of the fight as it most likely went down.  I say that because the cause of the fight was unclear, other than bros being bros, so I’ve taken a few small liberties here and there.  So, I give you the Bo Wallace fight and aftermath through the majesty of illustration.