GOB Network Temporarily Thwarted At Ole Miss

Per people who have to spend significant parts of their lives following and covering Ole Miss despite not being fans or alumni (I CANNOT IMAGINE ANYTHING WORSE), Ole Miss will announce today or tomorrow that it has hired Western Kentucky Athletic Director Ross Bjork as its new AD.  The hiring will bring to a close one of the most Ole Miss chapters in the history of the school, as its current athletic director, Pete Boone, was fired, but kind of not really back in November, yet has been allowed to continue to serve as AD without any real power, while the chancellor ran things or let a committee run things.

As for Bjork (saying his last name will never get old, unless he turns out to be horrible, then it will still be fun, but fun tainted with anger), you can read more about all he’s done here, but some of the highlights include time at UCLA, Miami, and Missouri where he was involved in lots and lots of fundraising, which is always important.  He was also a marketing intern back in 1995, so he’s familiar with the type of dipshits that are often found in marketing, which is also good news. 

But, the most important thing to note on his list of accomplishments is that he does not appear to be a second cousin to anyone at Ole Miss, the son or nephew of one of John Vaught’s players, or so and so’s friend from the country club, who everyone just ADORES.  Instead, it appears Ole Miss hired someone with actual qualifications and experience in the field in which he must perform his job. 

I know, it’s a little hard to take in right now, since this rarely happens at Ole Miss, but I give an excellent-par-save golf clap to those at Ole Miss who made this happen.  Of course, it’s possible that Bjork (BJORK BJORK BJORK BJORK I LOVE SAYING THIS) could be a failure, but right now, everyone who associates themselves with Ole Miss should feel good that a point was scored against the good ol’ boy network.