Carmelo Anthony Should Stop Stealing Houston Nutt’s Ideas

Carmelo Anthony understands that as a wealthy Manhattanite, it’s important to keep things at home fresh, modern, and artistic, all with a touch of class.  According to his wife, he really seems to enjoy wading into the world of interior decorating to make sure things at home are as they should be for the star player of the New York Knicks.

That’s why, at some point while exploring the space of interior decorating, he and his wife decided this portrait needed to go in their home.


But where do you put a portrait like this?  In Carmelo’s man cave?  In the room with all his awards, pictures, and stuff related to basketball?  WRONG, YOU INTERIOR DECORATOR WANNABE.  You put it in the only acceptable place in the house, right above the fireplace.


But the really fantastic part of this story is that Carmelo and his wife stole this idea from Houston Nutt, who had his abstract portrait painted prior to the 2009 season in which he took Ole Miss to a second consecutive Cotton Bowl (FIRST TIME IN 50 YEARS, YOU KNOW).

And, of course, Nutt and his wife prominently displayed such a fine piece of artwork in their Oxford home.


So, to summarize, Houston Nutt took Ole Miss to back-to-back Cotton Bowls for the first time in 50 years, has been on the leading edge of Manhattan abstract portrait art for several years, and is now in the private sector of people-helping.