A Look Into The Future

Speculation is swirling, nay, gale force-winding about as to the futures of several coaches in the SEC.  We know John L. Smith will be moving on, and Joker Phillips is most likely done, Gene Chizik and Derek Dooley are hanging on by the thinnest of margins, and Nick Saban might have an offer from the Cleveland Browns.  As Peter King would say, maybe.

While there has been much talk of the coaches that will replace some or all of the names listed above, no one has speculated as to what those listed here will be doing in 2013.  Let us stare into the crystal ball of rampant conjecture, which is pretty much the same ball used by reporters when a coaching search begins, and see what the future holds for these coaches.

John L. Smith, urine testing lab technician


Joker Phillips, Rich Brooks’ fishing buddy


Derek Dooley, recreation specialist



Trooper Taylor, freelance sign-spinner


Nick Saban, head coach of the New York Jets


Gene Chizik, head coach of the World Champion Dallas Cowboys