10-Point Recap of Mississippi State’s Spring Game

  • First, and most importantly, a championship of some type was won
  • Like all spring game quarterback performances by guys who are unproven, Tyler Russell had some bright spots and some dim spots, but overall it sounds like Dan Mullen was pleased with Russell’s performance
  • If you believe the quotes from coaches and the stats, expect Mississippi State to throw much more this season than they did when Chris Relf was throwing incomplete passes
  • Throwing more is going to put pressure on an offensive line that wasn’t very good at pass blocking last year in conference play; the Bulldogs gave up 22 sacks in eight games, which was one ahead of Auburn and Kentucky and four ahead of what was allegedly an offensive line at Ole Miss
  • Oh, have I not mentioned that the game was played on a 60-yard field due to this:
  • And that stage held this:


  • Why yes, that is a bandanna/scarf/tie combination that screams “I want to be stylish and different, yet stay close to my country/pop roots, which will allow me to continue recording shitty songs from now until I run out places to store all of my money because America is dumb like that”
  • Seriously.  America.  Sugarland is a horrible, horrible band.  STOP BUYING THEIR STUFF.
  • However, in mild defense of Sugarland, if forced at gunpoint to attend either a Sugarland show or a Coldplay show, I’d be the guy walking around the Sugarland show with at least eight beers on my person at all times