Ed Orgeron Makin’ Commercial Magic Again

We’re all more than familiar with the Hummer commercial that opened opportunities for then-Ole Miss head coach Ed Orgeron to join the Screen Actors Guild. I remember watching Orgeron’s coach’s show (because I welcomed the warm embrace of psychological agony) when the commercial first aired, and assumed I missed the part where I was whisked away to heaven […]


Week 4 JSAOAFQF Update

Despite being injured and only playing a few plays last week, Drew Barker maintained control of the leaderboard, mostly due to his interception sprint right out of the gate. But given the quantity of bad quarterbacks in the SEC and Chad Kelly’s desire to always cut it loose deep (and back across the field), it was only […]


Week 3 JSAOAFQF Update

After some heated Week 3 action, we didn’t see much movement on the leaderboard, though Missouri quarterback Drew Lock announced his presence with authority by going from zero interceptions to three, which puts him in a three-way tie for third. Sadly, this is usually the time of year when coaches recognize they can no longer […]


Charting The Heat During The Ole Miss/Alabama Game

If you attended the Ole Miss/Alabama game on Saturday, you were able to take away some information that shall be burned in your mind (and skin) for quite some time. One, Alabama has good players everywhere and more good players behind those good players. Two, Ole Miss has good players in a number of places, but […]


What Was Life Like The Last Time Alabama Beat Ole Miss?

On Saturday afternoon at straight up Uncle Verne and Uncle Gary time, Alabama and Ole Miss will take the field in their annual SEC West meeting of the minds. As we are all very well aware, Ole Miss has won* the last two of these contests, leaving some to spend their time over the next few years wailing […]


America’s Hottest New Game Show

Last night, three combatants belonging to the SEC’s Auto Salvage Yard & Industrial Waste Storage division took to the field to show off the 2016 versions of themselves, and, minus the fire that consumed 75% of the property, IT WENT FINE. South Carolina and Vanderbilt threw pebbles at each other for just shy of three and a half […]


2016 Alabama Depth Chart As Told By The Recruiting Stars

Yesterday, the majority of SEC schools* released their depth charts since we’re now officially coming out of Turn Four in the Life Without College Football Bojangles’ 400. Though these depth charts will struggle to maintain accuracy once the football starts playing, they are a nice reminder that your team’s roster has some players you forgot about, and […]


Ole Miss To Stop Playing ‘Dixie’, Move On To Stealing Children From Cribs

Last Friday, while the world ran out the clock on the week and prayed something interesting showed up on Twitter, Ole Miss announced that its band would no longer play ‘Dixie’ before, during, or after football games and any other sporting events. The reason cited by athletic director Ross Bjork was rooted in the idea of […]


Laremy Tunsil’s Texts Read Through The ‘Stranger Things’ Thing

If you’ve been plugged into the internet, and who would DARE unplug from all of that #content, you’ve probably seen someone in your Twitter timeline (it will show up in your Facebook timeline in two weeks because LOL at Facebook keeping up) make a run at a clever use of the Stranger Things meme. Why […]

BertPanamaCruise 2a

A glimpse of young Bert’s life

Earlier today, Bret Bielema stopped by Twitter dot com to post a picture from a time before he began teaching the youths of America the merits of a 19-play, 14-minute drive. Bert, pictured with Paul Burmeister (a sports media person who is calling Olympic events for NBC), is seen



The Coaches Poll dropped its first mix tape of 2016 earlier today, which was the official rescue-flare-into-the-sky for bootleg Alabama t-shirt vendors to start printing the preseason national champions shirts. Last year’s runner-up Clemson sits in second place right behind the Tide, but trails Alabama by 48 first place votes, JUST LIKE THE SCORE IF THEY PLAY […]