LSU Sassy Lawyerin’ Alert

Just because two lawsuits are nearly a month old doesn’t mean they can’t be freshened up with a heavy dash of sass. After idling in the bowels of a district court in Brazos County, Texas since February 27th, news concerning John Chavis’ lawsuit against LSU (AND Texas A&M) and LSU’s lawsuit against its former defensive coordinator has […]


NCAA Tournament Pool Sponsored By Andy Kennedy’s Stylist

Gather around, people who have paid minimal attention to college basketball all year. While we all have different reasons for not watching, well, just kidding. All of our reasons are it is BRUTAL to watch. But don’t let a miserable product keep you from getting involved in the annual tradition of trying to predict, as […]


Schools Should Create Chronicles Of Failure Monuments

England, a country within a country within a country, always stands at the edge of another crushing defeat in international soccer. Since winning the World Cup in 1966 (ONLY ‘CAUSE THE TIDE WASN’T THERE), America’s mother country within a country within a country has found a way to crash and burn, then burn what’s left of the […]


For Many Dollars, You Can Own An Apple Watch That Gives You Team-Specific Updates

Apple CEO and Auburn Family member Tim Cook spent part of today wowing the cult of Apple with all the new bells and whistles his company now offers. One item that attracted the most attention is the new Apple Watch, which is totally different from a normal watch in that it can’t ever be worn by poor […]


Tad Smith Coliseum: A Life That Was More Like An Existence

For once, the unwavering march of time ushers in an event that doesn’t leave us wondering when we all got so damn old. Tad Smith Coliseum will host* its final SEC basketball game on Saturday when Ole Miss plays host to Vanderbilt and however many players Kevin Stallings hasn’t killed by then. *According to construction schedules, […]


Hugh Freeze Is Taking Chad Kelly To Haiti, So How Will It Turn Out?

Hugh Freeze and Chad Kelly are going to be spending some quality time together that doesn’t involve talking about why one would fight the citizens of Buffalo at 3 AM. Both, along with others on or associated with the Ole Miss football team, are headed to Haiti for spring break where they will engage in non-SWAG-related […]


A List Of Things To Watch For During Ole Miss’ Spring Practice

Today marks the beginning of spring football practice for Ole Miss, as well as the birth of the 2015 version of soul-draining anxiety that will last until (hopefully) January of 2016. Ole Miss enters this spring practice without an established starting quarterback, an offensive line that could generously be described as “folding chairs where none […]


Let’s Watch Steve Spurrier Join Twitter

Because he loves us, Steve Spurrier decided to throw a wrench into Monday’s plan of an unyielding barrage of minutiae. Most likely due to a craving for a steady dose of small animal gifs, the HBC joined Twitter today, giving us all hope that the non-existent filter between his thoughts and mouth also applies to his thoughts […]


How Would Peyton Snowmanning Fare Against Florida?

Much of the South spent yesterday experiencing weather that people who don’t know any better, and live in areas of the country where snow is on the ground for six months, experience for half of their natural lives. The snowfall allowed people to abandon responsibilities and get outside to frolick (OH SO MUCH FROLICKING), take pictures […]