Satellite: A Song By Jim Harbaugh

Satellite football camps are out there making people either real mad or real happy. In times like these, we need music to bring us together. I am fully aware that I should be jailed for this, but consider how many times I listened to and read the lyrics of the Dave Matthews version in order to […]


SEC Towns, Cities, And Villages Rankings That You Should Hold As Gospel Truth

One of America’s favorite past times, particularly in the South, is telling strangers online that the city or town they like for very particular and personal reasons SUCKS, BRO. This is always followed by a statement that says something along the lines of “the place I like is WAY BETTER, BRO, BECAUSE IT JUST IS”. And in […]


Alabama Spring Game Recap, Complete With Complimentary Salmon

As I’ve previously said, then recanted because I’m so weak, I wasn’t going to spend any more thought on spring games after I took like eight years to come up with all those thoughts on Ole Miss’ game. But then I realized spring games provide a faucet drip of water in these dry times of no […]


Recapping Mississippi State’s Spring Game Through The Majesty Of A Collage

I seem to remember saying something along the lines of I wasn’t going to fool with recaps of spring games because they teeter between boring and really boring, and NO ONE CARES UNLESS IT IS THEIR TEAM. But that was last week Gray who clearly overlooked how boring Mondays and Tuesdays are. So Monday Gray […]

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Hugh Freeze Sermon Title Suggestions

Pinelake Church, a large church with five locations in the state of Mississippi, has invited Brother Hugh to preach this Sunday morning at its Reservoir location. I have no idea what Freeze will preach on, though we can assume IT’S PART OF A MASSIVE OLE MISS CONSPIRACY OF SOME KIND, but that shouldn’t stop us […]


47 Observations About Ole Miss’ Spring Game

I watched all of Ole Miss’ spring game on Saturday, which offers some indication as to how poorly I use the hours when I am not required by my employer to be at my job. I did not attend the game because I somewhat value my time, despite the evidence of idiotic photoshop creations that clearly suggests otherwise (see […]


More Better Sponsored Ads

You’ve just finished an online reading about how your team’s wide receivers are really putting in the work, I mean, REALLY PUTTING IN THE WORK to be better next season because it’s April 9th and your mind and soul need football nourishment. Sure, it was essentially a stock article that could have any team and position […]


First Ever Masters Predictions To Appear On This Here Site

The Masters starts tomorrow, which means that landscape majesty, beautiful serenity, and the look on Bubba Watson’s face when he puts a drive two fairways over will soon flood your television and other outlets of media content consumption. The big news coming into this year’s tournament is that Tiger Woods has deemed himself ready to play […]


Other Moments Of Late-Game Offensive Ineptitude By Kentucky Athletics

Kentucky basketball’s quest to finish 40-0 and allow people to not have tattoos of an occasion that didn’t happen fell short on Saturday night, as they lost to a Wisconsin team that should be allowed to kick people in the shins if they call the Badgers “scrappy” when “talented” and “college teams can shoot like this?” […]


Geoff Collins Declares That He Is Not A Stealer Of SWAG

When Mississippi State fans take a quick break from their grinding and wondering what Ole Miss is up to, they can recharge those grinding batteries much faster knowing that their defense’s SWAG is safe. Geoff Collins, of “lateral move” to Florida, said that he does not steal SWAG (as if SWAG can be stolen; try stealing Chad […]


Promotional Poster For Hugh Freeze’s Spin Behind The Pace Car Wheel At Talladega

Consecutive posts about Hugh Freeze, you say? Well guess what, buster, I say what goes around here, especially when it comes to visiting five-day old news. Last week, Freeze, through his dealings with fancy and famous people that allow Ole Miss to purchase ALL THE RECRUITS AMIRITE OR AMIRITE, MISSISSIPPI STATE MESSAGE BOARD TRUTHERS, agreed […]