Review: Episode Three of ‘Being Bret Bielema’

While we were all not paying attention or assuming unimportant things were important and allowing them to suck up our valuable time, we missed the release of Episode Three of the Godfather marathon of seven-to-eight-minute videos about football coaches. When we last watched Bert on our computer screens, he was roaring through the streets of […]


Happy Birthday, Head Ball Coach

On this special day, we take a break from our regularly scheduled time-wasting activities to celebrate the 71st birthday of Steve Spurrier. In fact, thanks to some totally legit connections, I have his cell phone number and we can call him to wish him the best as he makes the turn at Augusta National. Once […]


Will Muschamp Shows Off The Boom Bus

Will Muschamp is hitting the road next month to remind South Carolina fans across the state that they should be excited about a head coach who went 10-13 in his last two seasons at Florida. To get the two-time winner of the Birmingham Bowl (at Florida AND Auburn!) to these various engagements, South Carolina rented […]


All Rise, Judge Hootie Is Here To Settle This Satellite Camp Thing

The hot takes (AS IF THERE ARE ANY OTHER KINDS) about beliefs concerning satellite camps and how they define the very spirit of who someone is as a person are showing no signs of slowing down because there is no other news with enough strength that can put the brakes on this freight train out of insignificant hell. As a […]


SEC Spring Practice Roundup Via The Majesty Of Pie Charts

Spring football practice is well underway for most SEC teams (or maybe not, but I don’t care enough to verify that alleged #fact), which means there is reservoir of information and general interest tidbits to monitor. Things such as, on a scale of 1 to 10, how much did Nick Saban enjoy yesterday’s salad at […]


Kirby Smart Helping Legislate The Process

Fresh off the exhausting recruiting efforts for the 2016 signing class, new Georgia head coach Kirby Smart decided about a month ago it was time for some well-deserved rest and relaxation away from the demands of his job. And what better way to unwind than to show up at the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta […]


Mississippi State Struggling With Fred Depth At Wide Receiver

Following a season in which Freds on Mississippi State’s roster combined for 115 receptions, 1,419 receiving yards, 8 touchdowns, and a passer rating of 385.6*, the Bulldogs began spring practice on Wednesday with significant Freds-at-wide-receiver depth issues. Fred Ross, the leading receiver of the Freds (and the team), is being held out of spring practice after 


Let’s See How Les Miles’ Visit To Cuba Will Go

For reasons that will be known in 30 years when the classified files are made public, President Obama selected Les Miles to be a part of the group from the United States that will take in the sights and sounds of Cuba, as the two countries move closer to following one another on Twitter*. While […]


Review: Episode Two Of ‘Being Bret Bielema’

After unleashing eight or so minutes of gripping profile content on these United States of America and the world, the creators of Being Bret Bielema released Episode Two last week, which means it is our constitutional duty to review it thoroughly. If you missed the sterling review of Episode One, as well as background information on the […]


2016 NCAA Tournament Pool Sponsored By Every Pair Of Andy Kennedy’s Jordans

After months of heated college basketball action that most of us didn’t pay attention to outside of our rooting interests, we’ve arrived at the one part of the college hoops season that most of us will follow, if only to watch our brackets be consumed by the fire of idiotic picks. While college basketball is […]


Let’s Talk Chances Of Winning The 2016 SEC Men’s Basketball Tournament

Most of the words on this site are dedicated to football and foolishly letting the belief that good things will happen to my school’s team take root, as well as getting really indignant when the inevitable collapses arrive. But since it’s March (THIS IS MARCH), and the only football going on is the spring variety, where […]


New Line Of Trump Hats For Auburn Fans

Tuesday was quite a super day for Auburn fans, as their conquerors-of-the-Birmingham Bowl football team opened spring practice and the state of Alabama officially went on record as a Trump state. While Trump did win Lee County with 33% of the Republican vote, it’s a number that pales in comparison to the 55.5% turnover rate on Auburn’s […]


Review: Episode One of ‘Being Bret Bielema’

Just in time for the 2017 Oscars, a short documentary series featuring the BERT LIFE of Arkansas head football coach Bret Bielema finally made its debut last week after teasing us with a pair of trailers in the last month or so. Through interviews with media members, family/friends/coworkers, and Bert himself, Being Bret Bielema is an attempt […]