How Would Peyton Snowmanning Fare Against Florida?

Much of the South spent yesterday experiencing weather that people who don’t know any better, and live in areas of the country where snow is on the ground for six months, experience for half of their natural lives. The snowfall allowed people to abandon responsibilities and get outside to frolick (OH SO MUCH FROLICKING), take pictures […]


Alabama Fan Invites Nick Saban To Wedding, Receives Gift To Prominently Display In Home

While Nick Saban probably never looked up from his salad topped with slices of turkey and fat-free dressing, someone took the time to respond to an Alabama fan when her wedding invitation reached the Sabans or fan mail-handling interns. Casey Marriott, noted Alabama fan and future bride, decided to send wedding invitations to various celebrity types, […]


A More Accurate Scouting Report On Cody Prewitt

The only things the NFL community loves more than producing lengthy scouting reports filled with somewhat correct information are money and hiding things from the public. Thanks to the NFL combine taking place last week and over the weekend, we got another dose of these scouting reports and their highly entertaining attempts to fit a player […]


Detailed Investigation Into How Ole Miss Acquired The Commitment Of Shea Patterson

It’s not normal policy around here to talk about anything related to recruiting, unless it’s reminding people to never tweet at recruits, but it’s also not normal policy for Ole Miss to receive commitments from five-star quarterback recruits. That changed yesterday when Shea Patterson (PORT CITY, STAND UP) declared Ole Miss his future college of […]


Flowchart To Help You Decide If You Should Get On The Same Side Of The Fence As a Bull

We started this stupidly cold Tuesday with news that yet another Ole Miss student from the state of Georgia had made a poor decision. Mercifully, it finally didn’t involve someone from the Atlanta suburbs doing something really racist. Instead, it involved GETTING GORED BY A BULL ON A PUBLIC STREET AND HAVING THE WHOLE WORLD SEE YOUR DRAWERS. […]

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A Detailed Look At The First Edition Of Hugh Freeze’s Freeze Cam

On Friday, Hugh Freeze took time out of whatever it is coaches do on Fridays in February (most likely recruiting, because that fountain NEVER turns off) to do what coaches should be doing on Fridays in February. Simply stated, they should be going to great lengths to acquire video of assistant coaches displaying their finest […]


Helping Auburn Name Their Massive New Video Board

Like every day since Gene Chizik was told to leave, improvement to Auburn football continues. This round of improvement isn’t related to not losing to Vanderbilt, but an upgrade in the video board department at Jordan-Hare Stadium. On Friday, Auburn announced, among other stadium upgrades, that it was replacing the old video board with a new board […]


2015 Signing Day Recap

What a day it was. I’m sure your school did ________. Or maybe it did ________. But we all know your rival school did ________. EXCEPT THE TIDE OF COURSE. AIN’T NOBODY DONE BETTER THAN THE TIDE FOREVER AND EVER AMEN*. Whatever happened out there, we should all be pleased that it’s over because recruiting […]


A Poem For Signing Day, Courtesy Of The Most Intense Nine-Year Old In America

We’re inside of 24 hours until university-owned fax machines rattle to life and begin spitting out pieces of paper that will set off chain reactions of joy or wailing and gnashing of teeth. As time slowly marches toward that appointed hour, the tension and internet shouting are building at a vertically increasing rate. Tomorrow morning, it […]


Super Bowl XLIX Film Session With Ed Orgeron

Even when Russell Wilson’s final pass found the hands of Malcolm Butler, who once used those hands to prepare Popeyes’ delicious fried chicken and buttery biscuits*, the insanity of the 49th Super Bowl wasn’t quite over. Just one play later, as the Patriots attempted to run out the clock by taking a knee, a round of […]


Paul Finebaum To Explain How To Be Successful To Future Trial Lawyers Of America

On a day in which he will not be fielding calls from some of Alabama’s finest orators, Paul Finebaum will be in The Grove, offering words of wisdom to a crowd that could include the next Dickie Scruggs. The Ole Miss Law School, after a search that no doubt looked at every reasonable celebrity-ish person […]


Exclusive Look At Mississippi State’s Version Of The Network

The Ole Miss and Mississippi State corner of the Internet, which is currently home to the world’s longest running rock fight, saw some heavy action this weekend, as a poster on a Mississippi State message board came swooping in like an AC-130 gunship*, scorching the earth on which Ole Miss stands. In eight simple steps, this poster knifed […]