Let’s Look At Some SEC Content

Unless you’re busy locking up evidence that Hugh Freeze needs to be locked up, it’s a pretty slow Thursday (as if there is any other kind in July). So to pass the time, I wandered over to SEC SPROTS DOT COM and scrolled through the valuable video content available on that website and the SEC […]


Bert Tales

This week, SEC football coaches are making their way through the vast corridors of ESPN headquarters in Bristol to repeat many of the same things they said last week at SEC Media Days. Well, minus Dan Mullen. I mean, he was at ESPN, but he managed to not repeat the same hot garbage he introduced last week. Two of the […]


SEC Media Days 2016 Recap, But Only Using Things I Made And Images From My Computer

After four days of non-stop talking about talk abouts, the 2016 version of SEC Media Days concluded yesterday, freeing hundreds of people held hostage behind the I-459 gates of Hoover. It was a gathering where much was said, little was learned, and Hugh Freeze was not arrested and thrown in solitary confinement at a federal supermax prison. […]


The SEC When Tim Duncan Was A Rookie

Tim Duncan, noted player of basketball and starer in shock over that foul you just called on him, retired from the NBA today after 43 seasons, all of which were spent with the San Antonio Spurs. Duncan’s professional basketball career began way back in 1997, a time of dark living that should’ve earned all of us a Presidential Medal […]


What Everyone Would Assume If Ole Miss Reported The Same NCAA Violations As Alabama Did

On the eve of a national day devoted to eating, drinking, and shooting colored explosives into the sky for optimal entertainment, Alabama grabbed the bullhorn and turned on the siren function to announce they had self-reported 19 violations to the NCAA. Unfortunately, no one could hear the bullhorn because of all the Sunday night fireworks prior to the […]


Exploring the Space of Lindsey Miller’s Meetings With The NCAA at McDonald’s

After hours of anticipation over the first of two national media pieces that would finally cause the sparks to burn Ole Miss football to the ground, Pete Thamel’s mixtape about the NCAA’s case against Ole Miss and Ole Miss’ response finally dropped yesterday. While it was well researched and included interviews with lawyers who have experience in NCAA matters, it didn’t […]


Big Deal: Save $25 on ALL Ticket Network Orders

The 4th of July weekend is coming quickly upon us and our friends at Ticket Network are running a special promotion to celebrate our Independence Day! Use promo code USA25OFF to take $25 on all orders over $150.00*. If you can’t save the world from an alien extinction this 4th of July, at least you can save some […]


Will Muschamp Celebrates National Sunglasses Day 2016

For those of you who make up the uninformed and unwashed masses, today is National Sunglasses Day because why not. It’s late June, Game of Thrones is over until next year (LET’S HURRY UP AND GET CERSEI AND KHALEESI IN THE SQUARED CIRCLE), and we still have to suffer through July AND August before college football gets […]


Commence Building Golden Calves And Such For Uncle Verne

In its latest attempt to smash our souls and wills to go on into thousands of pieces, the world has made it so that our dear Uncle Verne will not be in an SEC announcing booth after 2016. Instead of the Saturday afternoon comfort of brief confusion over a play that just happened, REALLY pronouncing the last […]


A Special Message From Clarion-Ledger Sports Editor Hugh Kellenberger

“Hello, friends. As many of you know, we ran a headline for a story about a non-football regular season championship in Sunday’s paper that upset some readers and many non-subscribers who saw it on Twitter or a message board. Following a morning and early afternoon of fans ignoring their team’s regular season championship and angrily voicing their […]


Former Ole Miss Linebacker Patrick Willis Goes Corporate

Not wanting to live the dream* of playing golf every day, followed by mostly doing nothing, Patrick Willis, of making every tackle at Ole Miss for three years fame, decided he wanted to do something other than not have a schedule after he retired from the NFL in 2015. Willis, who apparently is one of these overachievers making […]


First Look At The SEC’S Replay Command Center

Acting like any professional league* should, the SEC has elected to move away from relying on replay booth officials to not see a call that everyone at home and on Twitter can clearly see, to a “collaborative replay” system in which replays will go to a command center that is manned by multiple officials who […]