Let’s Enjoy Some Sports Stock Photography

As a collector of paychecks in the advertising industry, I get to see, nay, have the privilege of seeing a good deal of stock photography. Like most things, some of it is horrible and some of it is good, both of which are usually directly related to the amount of money you’re willing to spend. […]


Celebrating The Launch Of The SEC Network

After months of not necessarily anticipating the SEC Network, but mostly screaming at satellite/cable providers to get their negotiating asses in gear, the launch day has arrived. Allegedly, at 5 PM, the SEC network will begin the process (COPYRIGHT: NICK SABAN) of filling living rooms and bars across the country with SEC games, commentary, dog […]


Exclusive Look At The Sticker At The Heart Of Mississippi State’s Sticker Violation

Sometimes you cut corners and you get away with it. Sometimes you cut corners and justice tracks you down. And sometimes you cut corners and you’re forced to reveal you included a sticker on an invitation that shouldn’t have had a sticker because RULES ARE RULES. Mississippi State football, in an effort to invite high […]


Highlights From Your Team’s Weekend Scrimmage

My team, your team, and everyone’s team had a really great scrimmage over the weekend. So great, in fact, it could be a really great season for everyone. Except that one team you hate. Despite what you read otherwise, they will suck. Here are the highlight’s from everyone’s scrimmage. Quarterback play looked really strong. The […]


Exclusive Look At Where The ‘College GameDay’ Setup Will Be In The Grove

There are two great traditions of preseason Ole Miss football that launch in August. Neither of which have anything to do with team activities, but have everything to do with the hope, despite years of experience telling us to have none, that cannot be killed within Ole Miss fans. The rock and elder statesman of […]


Exciting College Football Literature To Appear This Fall

“It was the familiest of times, it was the all-iniest of times.” I’ve never read Gene Chizik’s book, All In, so until I do, which will be never, that’s the way I’ll go on believing it opens. Chizik wrote his book after leading Auburn to a national title in 2010, wanting to explain to the […]


Lane Kiffin Makes His First Appearance At Alabama’s Fan Day

The sprinting by a mass of people that have not sprinted since they arrived in this world is yet another sign football is close to returning. Sunday was Alabama’s Fan Day, the annual event where fans get the opportunity to enter Bryant-Denny Stadium, go on the field at Bryant-Denny, stand in long lines, sweat, and […]


Houston Nutt Ranks 25 Things In Sharknado 2

Sharknado 2 premiered last night and was as Sharknado 2 as advertised. Earlier today, the preseason Coaches Poll was released, resulting in Internet shouting, which is the best kind of shouting. When you combine those two events, you get a Sharkpollnado, which is nothing more than a list of things Houston Nutt noticed and ranked […]